An easy to use Git GUI, for game development

Use Git easily without leaving Unity

Focus on your game instead of Git.

Simplify your version control setup and workflow, whether you are a programmer or an artist, experienced or new to Git.


πŸ›« Send files

Enter a commit message.

Push files to a Git repository in one click.

βœ‚ Filter files

See which files were modified and filter the ones you don't want to send.

πŸ“« Receive files

Pull files from a Git repository.

πŸ”’ Lock files

Avoid merge conflicts.

Lock files so you are the only one who can modify it.

🌐 Compatible with any Git hosting service

Pull/push from any Git repository. GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, on premise server etc...

🎈 Lightweight

Doesn't slow down your Unity editor.

πŸ’– Integrated in Unity

Stay in Unity and don't forget to commit as often as before.

Responsive UI. Place the tab wherever you want.

🦾 Robust

Crafty detects when something is wrong in your Git repo.

πŸ±β€πŸ’» Easy to support

If a Git experienced user ever needs to debug something, you can access the logs to see every Git command that was run.

100% compatible with Git, members of your team can continue using command line if they want.

And more!

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